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Promoting Positive Behaviour

Promoting Positive Behaviour

Children’s Rights as outlined in the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the

Child) are fundamental to a good school ethos. Adults in our school will work with children

to ensure they are aware of their rights and fully respect the rights of others. Therefore, the

approach within St. Teresa’s Primary School is to build a positive ethos that demonstrates

care and respect for all. Parents are asked to accept a greater responsibility to ensure that the

attitudes of their children do not disrupt the education of the other pupils either in the school,

the classroom or during activities out with the classroom.


Positive behaviour is recognised and celebrated. To encourage and reward the children for

their efforts Golden Time activities are used. Successful Star Pupil and Class of the Week

initiatives have been developed.


At the end of the school year a Caring Pupil Award is presented to the Primary 7 pupil who

has shown the most caring and thoughtful attitude towards others throughout their time in our

school. We also have a Reach for the Stars award, which is presented to the pupil in the school who has shown improvement and achievement in any aspect of their development.


The highest standards of behaviour are expected of pupils at all times. Where this is not the

case, a variety of sanctions are used. Parents are asked to co-operate with the school in

encouraging a sense of responsibility and good behaviour in their children.