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Mrs McGeady - Post
March 2016

We are going to tell you a bit about what is going on in our school


Primary 1 -" We have learned a new letter - x.  We have been taking photos of it with our arms!" Keeley and Brodie.


Primary 2 - "We are learning about the animals in the rainforest.  Jaguars and insects are our favourites!"  Logan and Kyle.


Primary 3 - "We are learning about knights and castles.  We have learned about swords and drawbridges.  We know that to become a knight you have to handle armour."  Brooke and Caden.


Primary 4 - "We have a new teacher - Miss Bonner!  We are learning about doubles of numbers.  We know that double six is twelve."  Marcus, Duncan and Alyssa.


Primary 5 - "We are learning about the Titanic.  We know when it sank and how it sank.  We are going on a special trip to Belfast to see the Titanic exhibiion.  We are all very. excited! " John James


Primary 6 - "We are learning about Glasgow.  We have about 100 trout in our classroom!  They began as eggs and now they are alevin.  When they become fry we will release them into the River Clyde."  Ellie & Kaitlyn.


Primary 7 - "We are learning about the Homefront and World War 2.  We have learned about the evacuation process.  It is 19 days until our trip Blairvadach.  We are looking forward to having lots of fun!"  Karri, Declan and Hayden.#

Mrs McGeady - "I am looking forward to Blairvadach too!  I can't wait to spend 4 days with Primary Seven!"



Posted: Wed, 02 Mar 2016 11:27:25 GMT by Mrs McGeady